Do You Have Endometriosis?

“Endometriosis” is where similar tissue that is found inside the lining of your uterus (called “the endometrium”) is found outside the uterus. This tissue on the outside is what induces a chronic inflammatory reaction in your body.

The symptoms of endometriosis include;

  • painful periods
  • painful ovulation
  • pain during or after sexual intercourse
  • heavy or irregular bleeding
  • chronic pelvic pain
  • fatigue
  • back pain
  • infertility
  • pain with bowel movements
  • pain when you urinate
  • having trouble holding on when you have a full bladder, or having to go frequently

The only way that the diagnosis of endometriosis can be made is to undergo a laparoscopy and have a biopsy (tissue sample) taken. A laparoscopy is a surgical procedure, performed under a general anaesthetic where a thin telescope is placed into the umbilicus (belly button). This allows your doctor to see inside your abdomen and assess the organs of the pelvis and abdomen.

Do you have endometriosis? Do you have these symptoms? Let me know in the comments below!


  • Molly

    Hi, I’m currently experiencing many of the above symptoms you have described and have been going to my GP with them for around 2 years now. After taking their time ruling out anything bowel related, they are now looking into gynacological examinations. From what I gather this won’t test for endo. Did you go through anything similar before your diagnosis? The longer it’s left the more concerned I’m getting and the possibility of it being due to endo seems to be coming up more and more. I hope you don’t mind me asking and any help will be really appreciated! X

  • Charlie

    Hi Jessika, I have learnt a lot through my endo journey. I have learnt what endometriosis is and the lack of awareness surrounding it, I have learnt a lot about what foods trigger my endo as well as my pain tolerance levels. I recommend downloading my free ebook (an anti-inflammatory diet plan) from this website as this diet has helped my endo symptoms a lot. I recommend testing which foods trigger your symptoms so you can learn what works for your body so you can listen to it better. Good luck xx

  • jessika

    I was diagnosed with Endo around 3 years ago, i am currently 25. I do not have much information about it and found your Instagram page while looking for information. I would appreciate your insight and what you have learned from your experience. I go through a lot of back pain and pelvic pain during every month. I would just like to know how endo could be dangerous and what do i need to keep an eye on? Any tips you could give or enlighten me in any way would be great!

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